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By: Bobbi Govanus Monday January 18, 2021 comments Tags: #self-awareness, #IhadaDream, #civilRights, #Identity, #MLK, #LavonBracy

Today is Martin Luther King Day and a great day to talk about dreaming.  Dr. King articulated so well the ideas and possibilities for a race and a nation.  It is beyond sad that his life ended before he could witness the realization of his dreams. 

I grew up in the sixties.  I am part of the generation who witnessed the brave souls who took steps to make Dr. King’s dream a reality.  I have met the first black girl who attended an all-white Gainsville FL High School for her Senior Year 1964-65.  LaVon Bracy faced dead rats and snakes in her desk every day and was beaten one morning and left outside the school with no one offering her aid.  She persevered to graduate in 1965.  LaVon never went back to a reunion or established any kinship with those who shared her Senior Year!  She has had grandchildren of her classmates come up after her speaking engagements and apologize for those tormentors.  She has written three books about her struggles.  She achieved her dream of a Ph.D. 

We all need to search the deepest recesses of our hearts to unearth our dreams.  Too often, we do not step out and declare what we want to achieve because of the possibility of failure or prejudice of those who will laugh at us.  Ridicule is intimidating, but as Dr. Bracy and Dr. King have taught us, it can also be a huge motivator.  We can learn to channel our drive to overcome obstacles, no matter where they arise.  No one can move forward to achieve big dreams unless they identify them FIRST!  The critical step as Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.”  Do you know what your objectives are?  Have you identified what you want to achieve in your lifetime? 

Today, let’s do some self-actualization exercises and identify what lies in our hearts that will motivate us to be everything God wants us to be. 

Bobbi Govanus

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