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By: Bobbi Govanus Monday March 22, 2021 comments Tags: #perfectpractice, #self-awareness, #Shakespeare, #Practice, #Coach, #Guide


I seem to be hearing this word a lot lately.  In conjunction with business, it is the disciple that an entity employs to get the job done.  The way a company provides its services.  It is also doing something repeatedly to hone it into a habit or second nature.  Many people believe that PRACTICE makes perfect, but I’m afraid I have to disagree.  Vince Lombardi said, “Only PERFECT practice makes perfect!”  If you practice the piano incorrectly, you engrain the incorrect fingering into your mind.  YIKES!  NOT what you were trying to accomplish!  So how do you improve and make your practicing pay off big rewards? 

The best way is to work with a coach or a guide who can keep you improving along the way.  A piano teacher coaches her student on the proper technique and erases the poor performance.  New habits replace the old ones, and the neural pathways for the best behaviors form.  Any sports team relies on the coach to spot and help correct costly errors so that top performance and wins are inevitable.   Even the highest-paid professionals seek someone to give objective advice in areas where they want to excel.  

Knowing where we need improvement is crucial to making the changes necessary to achieve the best in anything we endeavor.  Self-examination is the crux of all top achievers.  They know themselves and where the proper guide will help them overcome what is holding them back.  When people don’t understand their strengths and weaknesses, they flounder.  Flailing in the sea of productivity because they are spending too much time “correcting” and not enough time advancing in the areas where they are large and in charge!  The BEST use of your time is doing that one thing that you and only YOU can do that will push the needle higher!  Practice those things day and night, and you can write your name in the annals of the top achievers. 

It would be best if you practiced to make the excellent habits you want permanent. Once you write the Ted Talk, you would not slap it into a drawer and forget about it before you hit the stage.  Practicing your delivery makes it second nature and helps your audience be comfortable with you.  In this case, your presentation and mannerisms create a connection with the people around you.  When you want to cement anything you do to be of the highest quality, practice helps.  Shakespeare taught us, “To thine own self be true.”  So when you identify what you want permanently in your life… practice! 


Bobbi Govanus

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