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By: Bobbi Govanus Tuesday March 9, 2021 comments Tags: #Purpose, #Priorities, #FamilyMatters, #Charity, #Balance


How often do you think about why you are here on this earth?  How about your passions?  I learned very late in life that I was working hard to climb a ladder that was leaning up against the wrong wall!  That is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you are on the second half of living!  You may wonder if you have time to get your act together to make the impact you desire.  I have come to realize that it is never too late to reinvent yourself and begin again. 

Setting meaningful priorities is the most significant step in the right direction.  Discerning your passions:  the people and activities that make you glow need to be up there front and center in your mind, your calendar, and your checkbook.  When that is how you operate, you are satisfied and content. 

I use those three measurements to act as my thermometer.  What we think about the most or give our attention to is the focus of our being.  As aware beings, we decide who and what rattles around in our heads.  If we say we are Christian but never pray or think about God, we are fooling ourselves.  If work dominates every waking hour, your spouse and family are in last place. 

What we spend our time doing is the best gauge of our priorities.  If we say we love our families but only see them for a few hours on Sunday because we are working too much, it is only lip-service.  Time is the measure of our commitment.  QUALITY over quantity people say is the clearer mark, but a child who wants you to kiss them good-night does not feel good about attending their baseball game on Saturday as a substitute. 

Your checkbook or bank statement is always a tool to measure what is important to you.  Lots of money on clothes and shoes, make-up, and services reveal that how you look is vital to your self-esteem.  If you eat out every night, it reflects too little time and the desire to be pampered rather than to serve.  Donations and tithing demonstrate your willingness to be a part of the solution to the world’s dilemmas. Checkups in this area are easy to do and a part of our monthly or weekly routines.  Don’t wait until the end of the year to assess for the accountant! 

When I facilitate The Passion Test, I help people visualize what their IDEAL life would be.  When we understand that only we can create the life we want, everything shifts into the realm of possibility.  When you grasp ahold of your thoughts, you begin to take the actions necessary to live a bold and passionate life.  Only YOU can change your future!  So many Lottery winners are broke in a few years because their mindset did not shift!  The reverse is true!  You can adjust your thinking into growth mode and become healthy, wealthy, and wise.   Choose today to embrace your passions. 


Bobbi Govanus

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