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By: Bobbi Govanus Monday November 16, 2020 comments Tags: #Achieve, #Persistence, #Commit

I was the only woman store manager in the district of ten Circuit City Stores.  The District Manager was a jock and held our quarterly meetings with the entertainment and team building activities doing things that guys took lots of pride in excelling and beating one another.  Go-cart races, golf, bowling, and even an obstacle course.  I was expected to participate in all of these activities and did so poorly!  The worst was climbing the wall of the obstacle course.  I wore the safety gear, so I knew I would not hurt myself, but my forty-year-old body was not as finely tuned and muscular as my counterparts who were all younger and men.  I tried several times, and finally, my mentor, who I had worked alongside, went to the top, grabbed my harness, and helped me reach the top.  Even though I did not make it to the end of the course without help, the other managers congratulated me for finishing.  They all were more supportive of me for my willingness to compete even when I knew I could never win! 


There have been many steep climbs in my life!  I was sore, spent, and saddened but was able to keep going.  The focus cannot be on the difficulty of the climb but the result.  I often ask people I coach. What would you do if YOU knew you could not fail?  Too often, our fear of failure prevents us from even trying!  We always need to realize that our trials are temporary.  When we stand at the top of our mountain, often, we will recognize that it was nothing but a molehill that we blew out of proportion because of our mindset based on fear or uncertainty.  We must realize our abilities and be ready to achieve! 


What mountains are you climbing right now?  Ill health, unemployment, loneliness, financial crisis are just a few that are prevalent in 2020.  The saying widely used this year is, “We are all in the same storm, BUT different boats.”  The pandemic has wreaked havoc in every life, and each of us is dealing with a different challenge.  I believe we will eventually stand and realize that when we were forced to pivot we became an even better version of ourselves.  Our country will look different, our priorities and way of doing things will have changed, but our skillset will allow us to cope with these new normal.   As you climb today, notice who is alongside helping you along the way and gratefully acknowledge them.   We definitely can go farther when we work together instead of tearing one another down.

Bobbi Govanus

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