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The Game

By: Bobbi Govanus Sunday February 7, 2021 comments Tags: #Passion, #SuperBowl, #Performance, #Professionalism

The annual day that our country devotes to Football has arrived.  Even amid a pandemic, we pay tribute to our favorite National Sporting Event.  It is about the game, plays, players for many, but it is about the spectacle and the commercials for the vast majority of us.  No matter what you love about Super Bowl Sunday, it is time to recognize how we all play in life. 

I like alliteration to quickly and easily remember things, so here are my top five recommendations for a winning formula. 

Prepare!  Like the two teams facing one another, they review game films, read and study what their opponents bring to the confrontation. If you want to be on your game, you must go to school.  That may be college or may mean researching on your own.  We must never stop learning, which means reading, attending classes and seminars.     

Practice!  To be our best, we must take our best and repeat it to make it second nature.  You would never walk onto a Ted Talk stage without rehearsing your speech.  These teams have spent all week throwing the ball, tackling, and running.  These are professional athletes who have been doing this since they were ten years old.  They still practice EVERY DAY!  Professionals know that perfect practice makes permanent. 

Polish!  Athletes go to charm school.  They need to know how to speak with the press and ensure that they don’t damage their team brand or personal image.  This week they are bombarded with people sticking a microphone in their face on every street corner.   If you want to lead and be someone who has wisdom, we must work on polishing ourselves. 

Perform!  The proof happens on the field.  We must DO to grow our winning strategy.  Showing up is a massive part of the equation.  No one can be the MVP if they don’t come to the game.  Too often, we hold back, feeling we are not the best, not ready or that we might fail.  When we hold back, we can’t win.  Engagement is required, and life is a contact sport! 

Promise!  The teams commit to their coaches and their fans to give everything. When we engage our best, we trigger the energy we need to achieve.  Discover what you feel most strongly and passionately about, and you will have no issue committing to yourself.         

As you play the game of life, when you use these five practices, may you find yourself winning on every front! 


Bobbi Govanus

About the Author: Bobbi Govanus

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