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By: Bobbi Govanus Monday December 28, 2020 comments Tags: #Soul, #Purpose, #Spark, #Mission

I watched the new Disney movie, Soul, this week.  As is usually the case with Disney/Pixar collaborations, there is so much food for thought underneath the loveable characters and storyline.  For any of us who look at life for lessons, there are plenty there.  The main character, Joe, is excited about finally getting his BIG break playing jazz piano with a well-known quartet.  He is on his way home and dies accidentally due to his carelessness.  He obviously, is not ready to go on to the great beyond and is fighting the process with everything he can. 

For those of us deep thinkers, the question of spark and purpose are the real crux of the story.  Joe dialogs with a baby soul, 22, who does not want to go to earth as he sees it as a giant waste of time.  Joe’s job is to convince him to make the leap and help him find his spark.  Without spoiling the movie for you because I hope you will see it, I will leave the story behind and talk spark and purpose! 

We learn through trial and error what lights us up.  We crave particular foods, and some we can take or leave—hobbies, sports, and careers can get us out of bed with a bounce in our step, or we can dread.  Our life is full of these highs and lows, which can spark us to do more or leave us in a state of angst. 

Our purpose in life, though, is not tied to doing!  Our life aim is much more profound! Our objective is to discover and pursue daily that which we KNOW will help us and others.   While other words mean “what one intends to accomplish or attain,” purpose suggests a more firm determination.  Do you know why YOU are here on this earth?  If you died suddenly like Joe, would you be fighting to come back and figure it out?  I believe those who know why they are here are much happier, more fulfilled, and able to handle the twists and turns that are an integral part of living.  Your soul is your essence and needs for you to possess this crucial knowledge. 

“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.”  Richard Leider

Bobbi Govanus

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