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By: Bobbi Govanus Monday November 23, 2020 comments Tags: #Change, #Tomorrow, #Today

Yesterday was November 22.  I woke up remembering that it was the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination.  It is funny that was the first thing that popped into my mind, but it was.  Some momentous events change our lives forever.  I recalled I was in my seventh-grade classroom, and our Principal Sr Lucian walked in to say to our class and Mr. Overland that JFK was dead.  There is no guarantee that our lives will go as planned.  Everyone has moments that changed everything.  My mother-in-law would often speak about December 7, 1941, in the same terms. She knew that Jack Govanus, her beloved, would go to fight!   My daughters watched when the Challenger Explosion on January 28, 1986, that tragedy occurring in front of thousands of school children.  And our entire country watched in horror on 9/11 when the Twin Towers fell.  Planes became weapons of mass destruction and shook our nation to its core.  Today, we face a pandemic that continues to infect millions and claim lives around the world.  No, there are indeed no guarantees! 

When we recognize that God is in control, we ask Him what He would have us do and what path should we take. Course corrections, or what I call love by two by four, are often needed for our nation and our world and us!  We never forget the moments that disrupt our everyday planning and routines. It was any Wednesday, November 29, 1961, when I woke up to learn that my dad, just thirty-three years old, had died.   Over a thousand mourners came to his funeral Mass on Saturday because young fathers of five are not supposed to die.  It upset people’s thinking and caused them to realize that they needed to question their mortality!  One man touched many! 

We do not know what tomorrow will bring!  Yet, we continue to plan and hope and prepare. I think that is human nature!  I am a big-time planner.  Life has overturned my apple cart often, but I have set things up again and pivoted.  We must realign with our goal each time we make a course correction or set a new one because even the slightest adjustment can place you in a very different direction.  What is your trajectory NOW with the changes you have had to make along the way?  Will you achieve the goals you initially set after reacting to this crisis or transition?  As you recall the moments that changed life as you know it, look for the lessons you learned.  Incorporate them as you make your plans for today! 

Bobbi Govanus

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