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Living Behind the Veil of Lies

By: Bobbi Govanus Tuesday November 3, 2020 comments Tags: #Strength, #Understanding,


I think that most people today do not want clarity.  They seek someone to blame when things are “wrong,” according to their standards.  Few accept their responsibility in anything.  Facing our capability and culpability means being able to learn from mistakes and failures.  Only 100% of the time!  We cannot understand anything or even fix anything until we are honest with ourselves.  God gives us the desire for truth when we believe in Him.  From the first moment, after Adam and Eve ate the apple, they knew they had done wrong.  They immediately blamed the serpent!  That is a very long precedence of an inherent desire to escape responsibility!  They are living their lives behind a veil of their own creation.   

How can we escape this tendency to close our minds off to our duty to seek the right way for us to be?   Having a strong desire to be the best we can be must come first.  There is no standing on both shores, straddling the river of life.  We must choose!  It is a very different world where we understand that our choices have consequences.  One hamburger and fries meal does not make us obese but eating that way every day affects our health long term.  Every choice we make has ramifications that will last a lifetime. 

What veil prevents you from seeing your life?  Is it easier to blame every situation on something or someone else?  The people who are flooded by the hurricane choose to live near the ocean.  I saw a TV interview where a man who was surveying the damage to his home after a severe storm said, “If you choose to live on the water, you sometimes live in the water!”  The interviewer did not expect this reaction.  He was looking for the guy to be wailing about his beautiful home being ruined.  Instead, he accepted that every decision we make affects our lives!  Raise the veil and decide today who YOU are! 


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