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The List

By: Bobbi Govanus Wednesday December 16, 2020 comments Tags: #List, #2021, #Priorities, #self-awareness

Yesterday my husband asked me for my Christmas List.  I thought about it and realized there is not a single “PHYSICAL THING” I want.  Instead, this year has shown me the stuff I want in my life that is missing is time with friends and family.  We can never replace or recreate the moments of comfort, grief, joy, and sadness that went unshared.  I sincerely hope that we have learned to prioritize our time differently and establish who and what matters to us.  The essence of 2020 was solation from the life that we had created for ourselves.  Now we can choose to make a new one.    

So what is on your grown-up Christmas list?  Who did you miss most this year?  Hopefully, you didn’t lose them permanently to the virus!  If so, I pray that you will create ways to memorialize them in your mind and heart.  For those who survived, what are your plans to spend quality time together?  After the vaccine allows us more freedom, will you travel to be together?  Where will you go?  When we make plans, it helps us get past the angst that is often a part of the holidays but is especially difficult this year!  List-making, at its finest, is goal setting!   

Decide today that the lessons each of us have learned this year should serve a higher purpose.  Wouldn’t it be great if our neighborhood, city, country, and world could approach our next steps realizing what is genuinely essential?  The lists for Christmases would include moments of forgiveness, gratitude, and joy.   Our priorities would not be in accumulating stuff but embracing memories as our treasure.   Does your list include playing games around the dining room table or building puzzles or Lego buildings with the kids!  Perhaps you learned that sitting with neighbors around the fire pit and roasting marshmallows instead of visiting bars is much more the type of relationship you desire.  We will fall back into old habits and lose the values we have come to realize can sustain us if we aren’t careful.  So make YOUR list and check it twice, including a TOAST to a happier and healthier 2021! 

Bobbi Govanus

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